Josh Dorfman, a.k.a. The Lazy environmentalist

Josh Dorfman is a sustainability entrepreneur, innovator, and leader. From first conceiving of The Lazy Environmentalist in a blog post in 2005, Josh developed the brand into an award-winning reality TV show on Sundance Channel, daily radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio and book series. Throughout his career Josh has been dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that work for people and planet.

Josh's Current ventures


Josh is founder of Simbly, a flat-pack furniture company with a mission to democratize access to well-designed, environmentally sustainable products. Emphasizing affordability and American-made quality, Simbly makes and ships its furniture from a family-owned factory located in the foothills of Asheville, North Carolina.

For Simbly sustainability is the starting point. The company is striving to become the first climate positive furniture company in the world, restoring more to nature than it takes. Here Josh explains his inspiration for starting this sustainable furniture startup.


The Last Environmentalist

We are the first generation in human history to have the data to know what’s coming…And the last generation with an opportunity to do something about it.

Created and hosted by Josh, The Last Environmentalist is a new podcast featuring innovators on the front lines of humanity’s rising response to climate change. Josh talks with the entrepreneurs, educators, corporate decision-makers, policymakers, and movement builders who are putting everything on the line to secure our collective future.


Josh brings unique clarity, ingenuity, and levity to the stage when speaking to audiences about the pressing need for action on environmental challenges and the amazingly innovative solutions available to take actions large and small.

Josh shows even the environmentally skeptical, apathetic, and lazy that taking the right sustainable actions can be both personally and professionally rewarding. His brand of environmentalism is non-preachy. His talks take audiences to the leading edge of sustainability and climate solutions. His prescriptions are grounded in the understanding that small changes can add up to big results.

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