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Live modern. Tread lightly.

Lazy Environmentalist makes going green a breeze. We feature green products that are clever, convenient, and easy to make part of your life.

We love solutions that are deeply intelligent. Solutions that make us feel good because they fit how we want to live and reduce our environmental impact.

We also believe going green can actually be fun and definitely doesn’t have to be a drag. Sure, the topic is serious, but that doesn’t mean we have to guilt-trip you or roll our eyes every G*ddamn time you ask for “plastic” at the grocery store. We would never do that.

Products we feature  are either made in the first place with lower environmental impact – like organic cotton apparel and reclaimed wood furniture – or lower your environmental impact the more you use them – like solar chargers, low-flow showerheads and commuter bikes.

We view these products as solutions, shortcuts, if you will, to help you live delightfully well, on your terms, and in greater balance with nature.

On a macro level, we also view green products as the answer to creating and obtaining great work. The more we integrate  these solutions into our lives, the more the designers and entrepreneurs behind them expand their companies to meet growing demand.

Whether you work in finance, accounting, marketing, or operations, this means more green jobs that pay well, require your skill set, and make heading to work all the more meaningful.

We’re passionate about this kind of environmentalism. It’s human-centered. It recognizes that what’s better for the planet is, on many levels, awesome for those of us who live on it.

Our Green Philosophy

Combining great design with environmental consciousness is incredibly inspiring and exciting to us. Yet, we know the world is not perfect, so we don’t limit ourselves to perfect green solutions. Many companies are making massive strides to offer green products and services that substantively outperform the competition on their environmental merits.

Our qualifying environmental threshold for products is 50%. This means products we feature are at least 50% better for the planet than standard products.

In our view, 50% signifies a serious commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet. 50% is challenging. 50% means companies have to change a lot about how they do business – source raw materials, design their manufacturing, etc.

50% constitutes exciting progress toward an economy operating in balance with nature. We’re all about getting to at least 50%.  Here’s how that breaks down:

Products that surround you (like clothes, furniture, houses and cars):

  • Are made of at least 50% environmentally friendly materials (think organic cotton, hemp, recycled materials, sustainably harvested wood, etc.) or
  • Deliver at least 50% energy savings compared to standard, more conventional products

Products that go in or on you (like food, drinks, toothpaste and other personal care items):

  • Are made of natural ingredients (no synthetics including fragrance) or
  • Are certified USDA organic

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