Environmental author, reality TV host, and entrepreneur Josh Dorfman knows green products and green consumer innovation. As a modern green lifestyle expert and keynote speaker, Josh educates audiences about easy, stylish, and technologically cutting-edge ways to green their lives.

Known as The Lazy Environmentalist, Josh dispenses with environmental guilt-trips and doom-and-gloom and instead recognizes that most of us want to reduce our impact on the planet and live more sustainably provided the solutions don’t cost a king’s ransom or require too much time and effort.

Josh has taught audience participants at organizations such as Google, Salesforce, The North Face, Clorox, Pepsico, The Aspen Institute, Yale University, and Notre Dame University how to easily take steps to be more sustainable in their personal lives and how to implement sustainability strategies within their organizations.

With an eye toward design and innovation, Josh teaches people how to green their daily routine, home environment, workspace and morning commute in ways that are easy, delightful, and cost-effective.

Josh’s green business ventures – and even his misadventures – have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, HuffPost, and numerous other national media outlets. To this day, he is the only guest to have ever ridden a bicycle on the set of The Martha Stewart Show.




Our audience consisted of a couple hundred corporate travel and procurement managers from Global and Fortune 500 companies. Josh’s style was entertaining and thought provoking, and his content was right-on and timely for these professionals who need to build a strategy for ‘green’ within their own global organizations.

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Josh’s ability to combine the green with the easily doable makes for a compelling talk. We’d have him back in a heartbeat and recommend him to all our colleagues who are trying to expand their audience or customer base.

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Josh’s address to over 600 community and business leaders created a new approach and dialogue to promoting environmentalism. Our audience was captivated and inspired by Josh’s refreshing spin on promoting green and earned a lot of laughs along the way. Josh presented himself as the down-to-earth, honest and practical voice we expected!

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Josh Dorfman was the perfect keynote to our conference. Josh was able to do what very few speakers can do…..connect with the audience on a very emotional & human way. By doing this he was able to deliver a message that was intelligent, funny, and inspiring.    The title of his talk, “Don’t just be a green business, be a great business” was perfect for our audience.

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I was thrilled with how well the program was received — it was a ‘home run.’ Your message was inspiring and hit on all the points we wanted to cover in a positive and meaningful way. The examples you provided were great!

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Josh was dynamic and compelling as our keynote speaker at Upstate Forever’s award luncheon. His addition of humor allowed the audience to connect with him on how we can all play a positive role in conserving our natural resources. I highly recommend Josh as a speaker.

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Josh’s insights into motivating new green behaviors are the results of an award-winning environmental career spanning media, tech, retail, and entrepreneurship. As a sustainability keynote speaker, Josh delivers highly engaging, action-oriented presentations.


Produced and Hosted Sundance Channel’s The Lazy Environmentalist, winner of an Environmental Media Award  (EMA) for Best Reality TV Show

Created, Produced and Hosted The Lazy Environmentalist on Sirius Satellite Radio, a national daily radio show covering green living through the lens of invention, innovation, and design

Launched and Led Vine.com, an Amazon e-commerce business unit, specializing in natural, organic, and sustainable products

Wrote the green product standards for e-commerce retailers including Diapers.com, Wag.com, Soap.com and Casa.com

Founded Vivavi, a modern design, green home furnishings company, named to Inc. Magazine’s “Green 50”

Led Marketing for GoodGuide, a “Fast Company 50” and “Tech Crunch 50” information provider on the environmental, health and ethical performance of consumer products

Served as National Spokesperson for Brita’s FilterForGood Campaign, winner of a Gold CLIO award in strategic communications for encouraging consumers to reduce bottled water waste

Co-Founded and Manage Asheville Angels, a group of angel investors with investments in Proterra (EV buses), Brightfield (solar-powered EV charging stations), Emrgy (urban hydropower), FarmShots (real-time farming analytics), Atlas Organics (commercial-scale composting), and a dozen other startups

Author, The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide To Easy, Stylish Green Living and The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money, Save Time, Save The Planet





University of Notre Dame


Josh delivers a keynote presentation on green products and market-based innovations that make it increasingly easy for people to make green choices part of their everyday life.


Central Ohio Emerald Awards


Josh discusses successful strategies for convincing even the most environmentally indifferent, skeptical, or just plain lazy that green choices are right for them.




Josh discusses how eco-friendly choices are increasingly the best choices and how going green is not just good for the planet, but also enhances our quality of life.