Carrying a stylish, well-designed reusable water bottle is one of the most effective ways to make yourself attractive to potential mating partners. Facts are you’re signaling much more than you’re thirsty. You’re letting others know that you possess a strong design sensibility coupled with profound caring for humanity. The former signals that you probably floss, the latter that you’re trustworthy.

You owe it to yourself, nay, to your future progeny to stay hydrated and save money by kicking your disposable water bottle habit with the right reusable water bottle. Your future self already thanks you.

Our water bottle recommendations:

1. MemoBottle

As the name implies, the MemoBottle resembles the shape of a piece of paper. It’s a slimline, premium designed reusable water bottle that fits neatly inside a bag. But why stow it when showing it off also pegs you for the intellectual you’re not. MemoBottle is one of the only reusable plastic water bottles actually made from recycled plastic, which effortlessly adds 10 points to your environmental IQ.

BUY NOW / $28


2. Dopper Reusable Bottle

Dopper is a multi-functional vessel that offers varying options for displaying your eco-credentials. Drink from it like a bottle or transform it into a highly civilized carafe and cup. Dopper is designed in the Netherlands thus bestowing upon you a certain European savoir-faire (in a good way).

It’s made with a net zero carbon footprint, which is a jargon-y way to say that the makers of this bottle are thinking about our future.

BUY NOW / $15.50


3. GRAYL Legend

This slick, powerful hunk of stainless steel contains its own internal water purification system. It’s strong, smart, and sexy. To use it just fill the cylinder, press down on the filter, and presto!  Sketchy sinks and questionable park fountains are no longer obstacles to nursing last night’s hangover. Brunch and romance await.

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