For years, I’ve been waiting for eco-friendly products to become more affordable. I’ve seen beautifully designed products that take their environmental responsibility seriously. They just all too often cost a billion dollars to buy.

The challenge is that while we, as consumers, want want to live more sustainably, the reality is that we’re not inclined to pay more for the opportunity. Getting to price parity for sustainable products is a big deal.

Sometimes the high prices are understandable. Sustainable materials and ingredients can cost more. Usually, but not always, this is because they are of higher quality. Still, whether or not it’s understandable and justifiable, high price tags are a major hurdle to mass consumer adoption of sustainable products.

I puzzled over this dilemma for years. Finally, I did something about it. That something is a new furniture company called Simbly (simple assembly). I connected with an award-winning furniture designer, found a factory in the foothills of Asheville – the place I call him – willing to work with me, built a supply a chain, developed a brand, and presto! Two years later Simbly now officially exists in the world as modern, sustainable, flat-pack furniture company.

A few of our products:

Simbly Dining Table
Simbly Coffee Table
Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table

We hew to four core, non-negotiable values: timeless modern design, environmental sustainability, affordability, and American manufacturing. A few links of interest:

I’ll be putting a lot of effort into the Simbly project. I hope you’ll connect with me there!

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